Project's actions

Actions A

The first stage concerns the interface between the forum of the local A21 and the HIA workgroup. The two groups will meet to establish a partership to identify factors leading to pressure on the environment, socio-economic and health-related facilities. Meetings with local stakeholders, for each of the main themes, will be organized. At the end of this phase it will get the set of indicators that will be use to further assessment.

List of actions A

Actions B

These are the typical actions of the HIA’s scoping phase. The working group will proceed to the definition of the necessary actions on the basis of identified indicators. Then the group will proceed to the collection of existing data (scientific literature, technical documents, previous studies) and obtaining new data by specific environmental monitoring, and through socio-economic questionnaires addressed to populations, in accordance with the HIA guidelines of the Abruzzo region.

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Actions C

The HIA working group will discuss at the forum the scoping results, sharing with it with the next steps. In this phase, the thematic meetings, typical of the Agenda 21 process, will also settled.

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Actions D

In this phase the impacts will be assessed. It will be carried out in continuative collaboration between the working group and forum. The results of this step shell be the quantification of the pressure induced by the plants; Various indicators for each thematic (health, environmental and socio-economic) will be considered.

List of actions D

Actions E

These actions will lead to the drafting of the report for the decision makers. The working group and the forum will provide recommendations to managers about potential mitigation and / or compensation of any impacts of the plant. The indicators for the next phase of monitoring and the suggestions for mangement policies of the whole waste chain and for territorial planning will define.

List of actions E

Actions F

This is the cluster of actions regarding the monitorino phase, typical of the HIA process. The forum and the working group will meet together quarterly to develop and defining the appropriate steps to monitor pressures and to discuss and showing the progress results to the public. Strategies adopted by the plant manager and public administrator will also evaluate to weigh the transposition of the report’s advices. LA21 will undertake, at this stage, to define the detailed rules for the meetings with stakeholders and local populations, even after the end of the project.

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